About me

Portraitfoto von Shenja Jeworek, heller Hauttyp, Dreitage-Bart, blaue Augen und eine etwas durchgewuschelte Kurzhaarfrisur.

I have been working as a web designer since 2009 and moved on to UX design in 2018. I have been able to gain a wide range of experience in web design since 2012 working independently at Focus Designs with small and medium sized companies. In addition, I have worked at Krankikom GmbH since 2013 with medium-sized and large companies as a frontend developer and UX designer, and subsequently worked at Zone GmbH / Cognizant as a UX Architect. Since August 2019, I have been working at REWE digital GmbH in Cologne as a UX Designer and Design Thinking Strategist (yes, I know: Job Title Bullshit Bingo).

I’m interested in everything that has roughly to do with UX design. That’s why I’m not only interested in classic UX design, but especially in Lean UX, Design Sprints or Design Thinking, Workshopping, Business Strategy, Sustainable UX and Design Ethics, but also team leadership, feedback culture and Scrum. Especially the time at the very beginning of a project is fascinating – when you can still discuss what the actual problem is and whether the initial project request makes sense at all or whether you should perhaps look for completely different solutions.